Special Rate!

$50 night

$ 50 per night plus taxes
$ 10 additional per person, max. 2 people per room



  • All rates are calculated by room and per day. In order to calculate the number of days, we will charge starting at check-in time (2:00 p.m.) until check-out time (11:00 a.m.) For flights arriving shortly after midnight, the effective date of check-in is 2:00 p.m. of the day before.


  • All rates are expressed in US dollars. You can pay with US Dollars, local currency, debit, or credit card. 
  • There is a 18% taxes in Costa Rica that is not included in the daily rate.
  • Any extras, like personal laundry, snacks, alcoholic beverages, etc. are not included in any of our rates.

  • Visa – MasterCard – American Express Accepted.

It is prohibited to smoke in the rooms and common areas, if you wish to smoke you can smoke in the pool pavilion or in our gardens.

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